RUBBER OVERLAY creates a surface made up of rubber particles which are then combined with a binder which adheres the loose rubber to each other and the subsurface it is covering. Rubber overlay can go over any type of surface such as cement, stamped concrete, cracked surfaces, stained concrete, fiberglass, and metal. Once down the surface requires NO after care or resealing of any type.

This new surface offers many advantages over traditional surfaces because it doesn’t crack or fade and the unique surface “flexes” with the subsurface, so even if the subsurface cracks, the rubber surface will move with it but not crack or come apart.

The texture of a rubber surface is soft and also porous, which creates a slip resistant surface and doesn’t mildew or puddle water unlike other decorative surfaces.

The rubber overlay is also the coolest surface around providing a surface that won’t burn your feet.

Cracks, gouges & uneven edges in your existing surface can easily be covered with rubber overlay and save you money by not having to replace the original concrete surface. It also reduces the risk of tripping accidents and allows a uniform & beautiful new surface.

The rubber overlay surface is also able to withstand heavy loads, foot traffic, extreme weather conditions and abrasion. So whether you are renovating for aesthetic purposes, or repairing out of necessity, this is a surface to meet all of your needs.