Stucco is a better exterior product than anything else. What are the benefits of choosing Stucco in the Columbia Valley?

• Keeps your space cool in summer and warm in winter.
• Is very easy to keep clean and maintain.
• Is very easy to paint if you want to change colour.

ACRYLIC STUCCO is a mixture of high-performance acrylics specially blended for breathability, adhesion, flexibility, texture and toughness. Added in the formulation is a special ceramic and aggregate compound to insure a stucco texture surface but with the added characteristics not found in standard dry mix ratios of stucco. It is not affected by water or moisture-penetration, and is designed to stay down for a long bonding life. It will not crack and peel. It is UV-protected for long life and durability against weathering whether in hot or cool climates or under high humidity or very dry. It is tough and durable to provide years of service and added beauty.

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IMASCO STUCCO is a mixture of sand and cement with a cement-lime finish. Colour is added.  It’s a simple finish to use and comes in a bag, simply add water.  It is a less expensive option than Acrylic Stucco.

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At Full Mason, our attention to detail is second to none. We do stucco by the book and the long-lasting results prove it. Check out our thorough stucco prep work. You can trust your home exterior to Full Mason Enterprises.